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HÅG Futu

The HÅG Futu is a modern contemporary chair with movement in it's core. The inBalance mecahnism encourages movement in your feet and body while you sit.

The Futu is simplicity at its best. Perfect as an individual chair or as part of a Fitout.


The HÅG H04 is the re-invention of the biggest selling office chair in Scandanavia.  With dynamic movement, the H04 is a chair that has a corporate feel, classic looks and importantly an ergonomic heart.

Easy to control the movement with simple foot actions, and the option to lock the chair into a position if required. The H04 offers good back support and helps the user move throughout the day.

Gregory Boxta

The Boxta is a chair that gives all the benefits of the classic Inca but also provides a more modern and contemporary look. With a square back, the Boxta fits into the most modern environments with good back support and dual density seating, is also extremelky comfortable.


The HÅG H05 is an incredibly user friendly dynamic chair, which promotes movement and encourages change in posture. Easy to control thanks to it's synchro mecanism that adjusts seat depth and height simultaneously.

Th H05 provides fantastic support for the back and adjusts to fit every body type. With great looks and a contempoary feel, the H04 fits into any office.

HAG H09 Classic

HAG H09 Classic is a robust and reliable ergonomic office chair well suited to a 24/7 environment. With a fully customisable slide up and down lumbar cushion and headrest, for excellent back support. The chair should fit your body in all situations and follow it's natural movement, promoting good posture and comfort.

Gregory Slimline

The Slimline chair from Gregory Commercial offers a luxurious feel, solid ergonomics and 'High end" looks. The Slimline is a good alternative to the Inca and Boxta chairs with it's fully upholstered back, making this a luxurious task chair.

HÅG Capisco

I am so NOT an Aeron Chair. Do your back a favour, try a new way of sitting!! In our opinion the gold standard for dynamic ergonomics.

The HAG Capisco with it's unique saddle seat and winged back rest is an ideal ergonomic chair that promotes movement and reduces stress on the back. Probably the best office chair for your back, try a different way to sit.

Gregory Task

The Gregory Task is a no-frills ergonomic task chair, for people who need to get a job done and want a chair that is comfortable and supportive. The Task has limited optional extras, making it a simple choice in office chairs.

HÅG Capisco Puls

The HÅG Capisco Puls is the newest version of the incredibly popular Capisco. Slightly more petite, with a narrower front saddle ridge, the Puls in a range of plastic finishes is modern durable and practical.

The HÅG Capisco Puls is well suited to tyhe modern office, university, active business or perfect in the home for children and adults alike.

RH Logic 24hr

The RH Logic is ideal for any environment, but is especially well suited to where prolonged sitting and 24 hour seating is required. In addition to the exceptional comfort, the RH Logic 24hr has improved ventilation and heat dissapation to suit prolonged sitting. Ideal for control rooms, security, reception and emergency services and where prolonged sitting is required.

Gregory Inca

The Inca is one of the most popular task chairs offered in Australia. WIth dual density seat and a supportive lumbar support, the Inca is an easy to use and very comfortable task chair that will help you maintain a good posture.

RH Logic

The RH Logic continues to be the benchmark of high performing ergonomic seating. Its flexibility and outstanding durability sets this chair apart from others. 

The RH Logic is ideal for any environment, but is especially well suited to where prolonged sitting and 24 hour seating is required.