The HÅG H04 is the re-invention of the biggest selling office chair in Scandanavia.  With dynamic movement, the H04 is a chair that has a corporate feel, classic looks and importantly an ergonomic heart.

Easy to control the movement with simple foot actions, and the option to lock the chair into a position if required. The H04 offers good back support and helps the user move throughout the day.


The HÅG H05 is an incredibly user friendly dynamic chair, which promotes movement and encourages change in posture. Easy to control thanks to it's synchro mecanism that adjusts seat depth and height simultaneously.

Th H05 provides fantastic support for the back and adjusts to fit every body type. 

The H05 is ordered from Norway and is Not Stocked in Australia


The Muvman is an ingenious stool that lets you alternate sitting and standing. Always on the move. That is the secret of the Muvman. Thanks to the patented flexzone® technology the Muvman gives you support whenever you need it, and freedom of movement when you want it. That is comfortable. That is healthy. And the way sitting ought to be.

Gregory Boxta

The Boxta is a chair that gives all the benefits of the classic Inca but also provides a more modern and contemporary look. With a square back, the Boxta fits into the most modern environments with good back support and dual density seating, is also extremelky comfortable.

Gregory Slimline

The Slimline chair from Gregory Commercial offers a luxurious feel, solid ergonomics and 'High end" looks. The Slimline is a good alternative to the Inca and Boxta chairs with it's fully upholstered back, making this a luxurious task chair.

Gregory Tru-Sit

The Gregory TruSit Ergonomic chair is the entry level chair from Gregory that is full of features but at an entry level price. The chair is adjustable to suit a range of shapes and sizes. The Tru-Sit comes with the Gregory award winning ergonomic dual density seat technology and with good lumbar support, the TruSit Ergonomic chair allows the spine to assume a more natural position while sitting.

Gregory Evoke

The Gregory evoke, the latest in ergonomic mesh back seating. Combining the aesthetics only a mesh back can offer, with Gregory’s unique ergonomic seating technologies, we have created the ultimate ergonomic office solution.

Featuring a height adjustable breathable mesh back that moulds to the user’s back shape while offering ideal weight distribution and support.


Gregory Scope

The Scope range is latest release in contemporary and sophisticated ergonomic office chair design. The detailed contouring of the lateral and lumbar support in the back of the chair offers exceptional comfort. Comes standard with the award winning Dual Density Posture Support seat technology this chair provides the ultimate solution for all your ergonomic requirements.

Dal Spark

The Spark is a robust and cost effective ergonomic chair with a host of features and without a hefty price tag. With a 10 year warranty on all parts, including the fabric. The Spark has an additional lumbar pump so that you can adjust the lumbar support to your liking. This is an ideal chair for the home or for an office fit-out on a budget.

Gregory Saddle Stool

Gregory's Saddle Stool assists the user to have a correct seating posture and "sit tall". The saddle seat is proven to encourage freedom of movement when sitting and is ideal for an active job.

Dal Scoop

The scoop is a budget priced chair, with the features of a good ergonomic chair. Available in Black and Blue, the Scoop is a comfortable chair that will support you in a healthy posture.

Swopper Classic

The swopper has revolutionised the office chair market with its innovative 3D technology which permits movement and change of posture in all directions. Thanks to its unique three-dimensional movement the award-winning active seat adapts itself to you.

This active sitting in three dimensions with many changing sitting positions keeps you in motion all the time and strengthens your back.