Conset 501.29

The most popular Conset desk frame for the office. The 501.29 is reliable, hardworking and well constructed. It is our biggest selling electric table frame for those reasons and extends to 1300mm high, ideal for the tallest of users.

Conset 501.27

The Conset 501.27 is the most versatile of the Conset range, in that it suits everyone from 130cm up to 200cm tall. The 501.27 also has the added benefit of being a narrow from, allowing for desktops that are just 600mm deep, perfect for the home or office where space is a premium.

Conset 501.25

The Conset 501.25 is a stable and functional electric height adjustable desk that will meet the needs of most office and home environments. It has a lifting capacity of 80kg, and comes standard with a modesty panel and a top stiffening rail.

Conset 501.15

The Conset 501.15 is the entry level desk in the conset range, and in our experience the cheapest electric height adjustable desk on the market. It will get you standing at a fraction of the cost of regular stit stand desks.

Conset 501-11

The Conset 501-11 is a heavy duty sit stand desk which is strong and durable. With a lift capacity of 150kg, it can lift the largest load and is well suited to large desktops. 

Conset 501-23

The top of the line table from Conset, the 501-23 is a versatile, stylish and incredibly strong and robust table. With each leg having it's own motor, the 501-23 can lift up to 200kg.

Conset 501-19 Design

The Conset 501-19 Design is a single column desk, ideal for smaller worktops. It is compact and stylish, but packs a punch with a 100kg lift capacity. Perfect for the home or for the office where space may be limited.

Conset 501-19 Compact

The Conset 501-19 compact is the smallest height adjustable desk on the market. Accomodating a worktop that is only 600mm x 600mm it is perfect for the tight space, in break out areas or as a shared table, giving people the option to work standing for a period.

Conset 501-7

The entry level single column sit stand desk, which is the cheapest electrically height adjustable desk on the market. Reliable and sturdy, the Conset 501-7 makes an excellent computer desk or small workstation.

Conset 501.49

The 501.49 is a designer sit/stand electrially height adjustable desk, with round leg columns in a Silver or black gloss finish with chrome feet. The 501.49 has a telescopic frame, allowing the same table leg set to fit tables between 1200mm width up to 2000mm wide. A great choice for the home or design conscious office. 


Steppie is a balance board that has been designed to be used while standing at a desk.
Standing for extended periods can be very tiring. Steppie enables you to stand at an adjustable desk more comfortably.
The slightest body movement such as reaching for something or looking to one side causes the Steppie to tip, thus activating the body’s core in order to maintain balance.


This is a TEST product - DO NOT PURCHASE