• Moll Maxi
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    Moll Maxi

    The Moll Maxi is a large 4 Drawer + 1...

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  • Moll Champion Desk
    Moll Champion Desk

    The moll Champion Desk is a reveloution in kids ergonomics. Designed for...

  • Moll Maximo
    Moll Maximo

    The Maximo is the ideal chair for growing kids. With seat depth, height...

  • EZ Vertical Mouse
    EZ Vertical Mouse

    The EZ vertical mouse by Minicute is a no-frills vertical mouse that is...

  • Gregory Inca
    Gregory Inca

    The Inca is one of the most popular task chairs offered in Australia....

  • ESA Desktop LED Reading Lamp
    ESA Desktop LED Reading Lamp

    The ESA Desktop LED Reading Lamp offers all the functions of a much more...

Computer Accessories

With an increase in the use of computers at work, there has been a sharp incvrease in the number of computer based injuries. ESA stocks a selection of ergonomic mice, keyboards, laptop arms and stands, monitor arms and monitor stands, that will make your computer use safer and more enjoyabvle.

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  • Ergonomic Mice

    Ergostore stocks a wide range of ergonomic mice, designed to reduce stress on the hand, wrist and forearm. Including vertical mouses, contoured mice, trackball mice as well as roller/bar wouses, we are sure to have a mouse that not only feels comfortable, but will put an end to your RSI symptoms.

  • Ergonomic Keyboards

    The Ergostore range of Ergonomic Keyboards include compact keyboards, contoired keyboards and angled keyboards. They attempt to reduce prolonged muscle strain, whether that is the hands, wrist and forearms or shoulders.

  • Laptop Stands

    With more people using laptops as their main computers, Ergostore has sourced a range of laptop stands, laptop risers and laptop arms that can provide you with a simple and effective solution to get your laptop screen to the correct height.

  • Monitor Arms

    Ergostore has a wide range of monitor arms and monitor stands that can assit you with adjusting the height of your monitor. Helping to prevent neck strain and improving posture.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 23 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 23 items