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INZONE™ Laptop Stand

The INZONE™ Laptop stand is light weight, user friendly and comes with its own carry bag. It is ideal for raising your laptop to eye level. And with it's lightweight and compact design is the ideal portable laptopstand.

Evoluent Vertical Mouse

The best vertical mouse on the market today, the Evoluent mouse has great build quality, comfort and ease of use. All this mised with great looks means this is the best choice when looking for a vertical mouse.

Evoluent Mouse Friendly Keyboard

The Evoluent mouse friendly keyboard allows you to use the mouse closer to the midline, reducing shoulder extension (reaching to the side). By simply moving the keypad to the left hand side, Evoluent have created a mouse that caters to right handed users that need to get the mouse closer to their midline. Simplicity, functionality and practicality all in one.

Visidec Laptop Stand

The Visidec laptop stand is a cost effective laptop raising solution. Portable, practical and price compettitive, the Visidec laptop stand is a good choice.

EZ Vertical Mouse

The EZ vertical mouse by Minicute is a no-frills vertical mouse that is plug and play. It provides a comfortable hand position when mousing in the anatomically neutral position, reducing twisting of the forearm. The EZ is an economical choice in vertical mouses.

Evoluent Compact Keyboard

The Evoluent Compact Keyboard is in our opinion the best compact keyboard on the market. With an extremeluy low profile, light touch keys and the option of wired or wireless, it is the gold standard of compact keyboards. The Evoluent compact keyboard reduces wrist extension when typing and reduces the finger pressure required to press keys compared to a standard keyboard.

N9 Laptop Stand

The N9 laptop stand is a sturdy laptop stand, cooler and usb hub all in one. The N9 is suitable for laptops and tablets up to 17".


The OrthoMouse by OrthoVia is the first ergonomic mouse with a design based on scientific knowledge of anatomy and the function of the hand. Designed by an orthopedic surgeon, the OrthoMouse is designed to minimize pressure on the carpal tunnel region. Changeable depending on your hand size.

Kinesis Freestyle Keyboard

The Kinesis® FreestyleTM adjustable split keyboard is a breakthrough in ergonomic design. Created with input from ergonomists and health professionals, the Freestyle adapts to the specific needs of each user, minimizing awkward postures, while providing a stylish accent to any workstation.

Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard

The Microsoft ergonomic keyboard is a curved keyboard that follows the natural contours of the hands. It reduces bending at the wrist (Ulnar deviation) and therefore reduces stress. Also slightly raised at the middle it limits forearm twisting (pronation). Great for people with tennis elbow and various hand and finger dysfunction.

Visides Laptop Arm

This elegant polished aluminium notebook desk mount is designed to improve the ergonomics of notebook use by raising the screen, angling it for an optimal viewing position, and positioned in and out for the ideal focal length. The non-slip tray supports notebooks of up to 18.4”, with multiple adjustment features to give the user the ideal viewing angle, distance from screen, height and rotation.

Oyster Mouse

The Oyster Mouse is fully adjustable vertical mouse and can be comfortably used by both Left and right hands.  Thanks to its unique design, which opens like an oyster, giving You 5 different angled positions to adapt to each individual.