• HÅG Futu
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    HÅG Futu

    The HÅG Futu is a modern contemporary...

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Workstation Accessories

Ergostore stocks a wide range of workstation accessories including foot rests, document holders, CPU holders and desktop accessories to modernise your workspace. Workstation accessories help to ensure that your workstation does not cause you to have any unneccesary strain and ensures good posture.

Workstation Accessories  There are 9 products.


  • Footrest

    Ergostore has a variety of different footrests, which vary in height and function, ensuring that the user has their feet firmly supported and in many instances allows and promotes foot movement when sitting.

  • Document/Book Holders

    Document and book holders allow the user to keep their documents elevated and in a suitable position, reducing neck twisting and flexion. The Ergostore range of document holders include in-line doument holders, writing slopes and portable book holders that will help achieve an ergonomic workspace.

  • Back Support

    Back supports that are portable can be used where an appropriate chair is not available and in situations where seating is not within your control, like travelling or attending conferences etc. They can offer you the level of lumbar support to make you more comfortable.

  • Desk/Cable Accessories

    Our range includes cable management solutions, CPU holders, telephone holders and pencil drawers etc. Everything you need to organise your workstation

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items