Fluteline Footrest

The Fluteline footrest is a sturdy, well constructed footrest. It has an easy to adjust height mechanism, operated simply by screwing/unsrewing the feet to the desired height. The sturdy metal construction affords the fluteline a 5 year warranty. The Fluteline is the easy choice when choosing a basic footrest.

Score Hi-Rise Footrest

The Score 952 Height Adjustable Footrest is a fully adjustable footrest for use at the desk, which excels in both versatility and durability. The unique compact design enables the user to adjust the height and angle of the footrest when seated. In combination with the correct chair and desk height, this footrest will keep user's legs and feet supported and comfortable for long periods at the desk

HAG Step Up

HÅG StepUp is suited for HAG chairs and grants you two extra levels to move your feet (4 in total) to when you're sitting down. You can move your feet on the floor, on the footplate of the star base, on the StepUp plate and on the globe - all in harmony with the chair.

Ergostretch Footrest

The ErgoStretch is a unique Swedish footrest which provides the user a solid footrest which is height and angle adjustable. In addition the Ergostretch has a riser bar which helps the useerr to stretch their leg stright for short periods, promoting circulation and reducing stiffness and static postures through the day.


This is a TEST product - DO NOT PURCHASE