• HÅG Futu
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    HÅG Futu

    The HÅG Futu is a modern contemporary...

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24Hr/ Control Room Seating

Ergostore has a range of 24hr and control room seating which specialises in the rigours of prolonged sitting. The 24 hour range has a superior build quality and comfort level and ensures that the user is well supported for a prolonged sitting day.

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  • $3,995.00

    HAG H09 Classic is a robust and reliable ergonomic office chair well suited to a 24/7 environment. With a fully customisable slide up and down lumbar cushion and headrest, for excellent back support. The chair should fit your body in all situations and follow it's natural movement, promoting good posture and comfort. HAG H09 Classic is a robust and...

  • $2,495.00

    The RH Logic is ideal for any environment, but is especially well suited to where prolonged sitting and 24 hour seating is required. In addition to the exceptional comfort, the RH Logic 24hr has improved ventilation and heat dissapation to suit prolonged sitting. Ideal for control rooms, security, reception and emergency services and where prolonged... The RH Logic is ideal for any...

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items