List of products by brand moll

Cubic Pedestal

The Moll Cubic Storage Box is the perfect pedestal to complement the Moll Champion height adjustable children's desk.  Only available in white finish, the Cubic has 3 drawers with a depth capable of receiving A3 sized media. The top drawer has an inbuilt pen/pencil organiser and 2 additional A3 size soft close drawers.

Moll Champion Desk

The moll Champion Desk is a reveloution in kids ergonomics. Designed for the modern child, with space for a computer and an area for reading, writing and drawing, the moll Champion has a split desktop. As with all the moll desk rage, the Champion is height adjustable from 53cm up to 82cm with the pull of a simple yo-yo. 

Moll Folding Book Holder

The Moll Folding Book Holder is ideal for at home, work or on the go. With it being foldable, it is perfect to take to work, library or school. Holds a book, documents magazines, anything you need to read.

Moll Maxi
A$695.00 A$556.00

The Moll Maxi is a large 4 Drawer + 1 Stationery Drawer mobile pedestal, with loads of storage for any workstation.  

Moll Maximo

The Maximo is the ideal chair for growing kids. With seat depth, height and back rest height adjustable independently, the Maximo will fiot your child like a glove, now and until they are all grown up.

Moll Scooter

Scooter is perfect. Because the seat height and depth, and the backrest, can all be adjusted individually. And the adjusting mechanism couldn‘t be easier to use.

The high-tech mesh cover moulds to the body like a second skin, returning to its original shape as soon as you stand up. This makes it very comfortable with no pressure areas.

Moll Winner Compact

The Winner compact is a perfect study desk for people who are space poor. Instead of 120cm wide, the compact is a 90cm wide. A tiltable worktop is ideal for reading, writing and drawing.

The Winner compact will make a perfect addition to any study.

Rotafile: Compactfile

The Compactfile system is an ingenious filing system ideal for storage or archiving of office paper, but it can also be used to store binders and magazines. 

Compactfile is the perfect inexpensive alternative to conventional storage shelves because it accommodates a large amount of items, does not require a wall and, by comparison, needs very little space.

Rotafile: Multifile 80

The Multifile 80 file storage system is designed to maximise file storage within a limited area. Each level with a diameter of 80cm can hold upto 24 A4 Binders. Levels can be rotated individually and can be of variable heights. The unit can be expanded to a total of six levels at a later date. The levels have a raised edge and locating ring to ensure that binders remain securely in place.