• Rotafile: Multifile 80

Rotafile: Multifile 80


The Multifile 80 is designed to maximise file storage within a limited area. Each level with a diameter of 80cm can hold up to 24 A4 Binders. Levels can be rotated individually and set to variable heights allowing varied media such as foolscap binders, CD and manila folders to be stored. The levels have a raised edge and locating ring to ensure that binders remain securely in place.

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The Multifile is an incredibly space saving filing system that will revolutinise how you store your Binders, files or books. The Rotafile space saving ability has to be seen to be believed.

Rotafile Storage

Multifile 80 can be fitted with castors for mobility in the office but the height should then be restricted to 3 levels. The overall unit is finished in a dark grey melamine finsih.

The Multifile 80 has a simple, functional design and has a strong, hard wearing construction.

Product features: Multifile 80 file storage

- Rotary file system with 2-6 levels
- Variable height level for DIN A4 binders
- Available with static or wheeled base
- Specify Dark Grey or Light Grey finish
- Accepts CD and loose file storage accessories
- Illustrated assembly instructions

Product dimensions: Multifile 80

2 Levels :
Binders Max: 48
Overall height: 87cm
Diameter: 93cm
Weight: 39.7kg

3 Levels:
Binders Max: 72
Overall height: 124cm
Diameter: 93cm
Weight: 50.7kg

4 Levels:
Binders Max: 96
Overall height: 159cm
Diameter: 93cm
Weight: 61.0kg

5 Levels:
Binders Max: 120
Overall height: 195cm
Diameter: 93cm
Weight: 72.0kg

6 Levels:
Binders Max: 144
Overall height: 231cm
Diameter: 93cm
Weight: 82.3kg

The difference between the Multifile and Compact file is that each individual shelf rotates individually in the Multifile, where as the compact file the entire unit rotates.

The Multifile also has individually height adjustable shelves where as the compact file has fixed height shelves.

Made in Germany and comes with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty

Free Palletised shipping Australia Wide - there is however a surcharge of $75 if tailgate is required at point of delivery. Please let us know if you do not have access to a forklift when ordering. 


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